[Smaug] Proposal for meeting on July 1st

Martin Wolters martinwolters at yahoo.com
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 00:38:57 -0700

Well, this is somewhat of a mistake (and consequently the website announcement 
too). So let me try again to explain myself a little better:

I am offering to bring my equipment which has some basic functions for wirless 
home networks running (which I am happy to demonstrate as well - as kind of 
an overview/introduction). I am *looking for* somebody who feels comfortable 
taking it from there and talking about 

a) wlan.conf 
b) dhcp, samba, bind
c) firewall and masquerading based on iptables

I feel *not* equipped and knowledgeable enough to "give a presentation" and I 
wouldn't advertise my system as "demonstration of 802.11b home network". 

To make this successfull I would need some people like Karsten, who know a 
little bit better what they are talking about. Unfortunately (but 
understandable) Karsten can not fully commit this time. So I would appreciate 
to hear a few more "Yes, I know how to do this or that and I will be there." 

For example: Rick, will you be there and share some of your bind-expertise? 
Nacho, aren't you the 802.11b guru? Will you be there? 

I hope we can get that going ...


PS.: I am not planning to have any hand-outs. But I can see myself summarizing 
the findings and making some scripts available afterwards.

On Sunday 23 June 2002 22:38, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Martin Wolters (martinwolters@yahoo.com):
> > In a very selfish act ;-) I would like propose a topic for the meeting
> > on July 1st:
> >
> > Setting up a 802.11b wireless home network
> >
> > I am willing to bring my PC and a laptop with wireless cards
> > installed/running.
> >
> > (Maybe I'll have a Sharp Zaurus with wireless by then too - I just
> > ordered it; or people can bring their 802.11b clients as well (IPAQ,
> > laptop ...))
> >
> > Here a proposed agenda: + Exploring various Wireless options (e.g.
> > exploring/explaining /etc/wlan.conf) + Setting up bind/DHCP/Samba a)
> > be able to ping the Linux box from the laptop using the Linux box's
> > name (e.g. configure bind) b) The best way to use dhcp (protect
> > network etc.) c) samba support for Windows clients (so that I can see
> > files from Linux box on the Windows laptop) + Setting up
> > firewall/masquerading using iptables
> In a very high-handed and arrogant act ;-> , I have listed your
> presentation on the front page of the Smaug Web site.  (Well, the
> cron job will put it there in a bit over a half-hour.)
> > Does somebody feel comfortable talking about either of these topics
> > (or all of them) and changing my various conf files in the course of
> > that?
> I personally think it would be great if you could talk about as many
> of those things as you think you'll have time for.  Any chance you'll
> have some sort of lecture notes or other type of presentation files?
> If so, I'd love to put a copy on the Web site.
> I'd say you're doing just great on your own, and wouldn't worry about
> any hole in expertise or polish.  Since you mentioned you want to learn
> a little more about BIND, here's a set of lecture notes I wrote, which
> might help you out:  http://linuxmafia.com/~rick/lecture-notes/bind