[Smaug] Proposal for meeting on July 1st

Martin Wolters martinwolters at yahoo.com
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 16:23:48 -0700

In a very selfish act ;-) I would like propose a topic for the meeting on July 

Setting up a 802.11b wireless home network

I am willing to bring my PC and a laptop with wireless cards 

(Maybe I'll have a Sharp Zaurus with wireless by then too - I just ordered it; 
or people can bring their 802.11b clients as well (IPAQ, laptop ...))

Here a proposed agenda:
  + Exploring various Wireless options 
   (e.g. exploring/explaining /etc/wlan.conf)
  + Setting up bind/DHCP/Samba
    a) be able to ping the Linux box from the laptop 
        using the Linux box's name
      (e.g. configure bind)
    b) The best way to use dhcp (protect network etc.)
    c) samba support for Windows clients 
        (so that I can see files from Linux box on the Windows laptop) 
  + Setting up firewall/masquerading using iptables

Does somebody feel comfortable talking about either of these topics (or all of 
them) and changing my various conf files in the course of that? I would be 
disappointed if it turns out that I bring all the equipment and nobody feels 
able or interested in "playing around" with it. 

I have to admit that my system is not specifically nice and clean - it's 
basically a non-admin-guy's attempt to setup a Linux box (Mandrake 8.x with 
different extra RPM's installed). Various libraries and depenencies are 
broken on my machine ;-(. But a basic wlan interface is working, Masquerading 
is working, dhcpd is working, KDE3 is working (not that we specifically need 
that), emacs is working, vi is working, gcc & alike are installed and 
working. I have problems with the samba-server (the laptop runs Win95) and I 
haven't even tried configuring bind (the software-package is installed and 
working though) because I find that *very* confusing. My "firewall" setup is 
also very basic only. 

Any comments, additional suggestions, questions (about my setup) ???