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   I've heard lots of good things about these independent DSL providers.  But 
here's "the catch," as conveniently summarized in a new article today:

"In March, the FCC ruled that cable companies do not have to open their 
networks to competing Internet service providers, or ISPs. A FCC proposal to 
extend the same exemption to DSL service is pending. If approved, the 
proposal will allow local phone companies, now down to four "Baby Bells," to 
deny other DSL providers access to local phone networks."


   So it seems like I might have great uptime and support for a few months if 
I switch, but then it's back to the same evil monopoly.  Considering my 
previous experiences getting connected with the evil monopoly (six months to 
get my DSL two years ago, and a month to transfer it to my new address a year 
ago), I think I'll just stay put with the evil monopoly.

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On Friday 07 June 2002 13:23, Peter Belew wrote:
> I highly recommend getting DSL through sonic.net (That's what I
> have - I'm in Live Oak, off 7th Avenu).
> Sonic gives you a static IP, and 4 static IPs for the same price
> if you ask for them. $18.95/month for the basic service plus
> the PacBell charge for DSL ($38 ?), which you pay through Sonic.
> And their customer service is unbelieveably good.
>  http://www.sonic.net/
> The only outage I've had lately was several days ago, when a
> router at Sonic's HQ in Santa Rosa decided to reboot itself
> (the manufacturer provided an updated OS the same day to prevent
> this problem).
>  Peter
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