[Smaug] The meeting AND A movie showing for the discriminating hacker! (fwd)

CERisE...mass consumer of bazooka gum cerise at littlegreenmen.armory.com
Wed, 15 May 2002 00:27:53 -0700 (PDT)

I debated whether or not to send this here.  The clincher was figuring the
more, the merrier 8)  The main point of interest (possibly even more than
seeing Wargames on DVD!!!) is this reply I got.

> Here's a page about the IMSAI 8080 used in the making of
> War Games:
>  http://www.imsai.net/Movies/WarGames.htm
> Some personal trivia about the subject:
> I worked for the original IMSAI corp, and wrote the Intel 8048
> code in the "intelligent keyboard" used on the computer in the
> movie. In fact I wrote the 8048 assembler I used, in 8080
> assembly code.
> I'll be there for the flick!

And now, the forwarded message...


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Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 01:10:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: CERisE...mass consumer of bazooka gum
To: sluglug@sluglug.ucsc.edu
Subject: The meeting AND A movie showing for the discriminating hacker!

The meeting went as planned at the JBE whiteboards.

Discussion included a bit about the installfest, end of academic year
plans, the Smaug installfest, and scripting.  By the time the night was
through, I had finished up a Slackware autoupdate script which does
everything that anyone could ever want it to do.

That will of course be submitted to Volkerding.

And the movie showing.

When: Thursday May 16th, 5pm
Where: The Armory (Just off of Bay and Nobel)

  Your chance to see  ...Wargames...

                     *IN FULL DVD GOODNESS*

Newbies welcome!

Chips, salsa, and drinks (alcoholic, soda, &c) will be served!  Bringing
food & drink is encouraged!  8)

Come one!  Come all!

Directions: (305 McMillan Drive for you mapblast fanatics!)

                                                           | ^-- Campus
                                  Meder St.                |
                    /                                      |
                   /                                       | Bay St.
                  / Nobel Dr.                              |
                 /                                         |
                /                                          |
               /      That                      Nobel Dr.  |    Iowa Dr.
              /       Other_____              -------------+----------------
             |        Place    |             /             | STOPLIGHT
             |                 V            /              |
              \  Nobel Dr.    *I*          /               |
               ---------------------------/                |
                   | M         | S       |                 |
 The Armory ->  *A*| c         | e       |                 |
 305 McMillan Dr.  | M         | t       |                 |
                   | i         | o       | Alta            | Bay St.
      Donna Ct.    | l         | n       | Vista           |
     --------------| l         |         |                 |
                   | a         |         |                 |
                   | n      *H*|         |                 |
                   |         ^ Yet Another Place

To get to The Armory:

  From Campus: Go down Bay to the first stoplight and turn left onto Nobel
Dr., which is actually the only way you can turn onto Nobel since if you
turn right you will be on Iowa Dr.  Continue on Nobel until you come to
McMillan Dr. and turn left onto it.  (If you turn right you will be in
someone's living room and The Armory will not be held liable.)  The
Armory is on the right in the middle of the first block, #305.  It is a
two-story house, off-white with brown trim.