[Smaug] Zero tolerance for P2P?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat, 11 May 2002 20:28:19 -0700

Quoting CERisE...mass consumer of bazooka gum (cerise@littlegreenmen.armory.com):

> The letter doesn't restrict SMB file sharing as I read it.  Rather it
> restricts P2P.

This is getting not only tiresome but extremely foolish.

> Last I checked, the S in SMB stands for server.

Indeed.  So, for example, two MS-Windows 98 boxes might in that sense
both be regarded as "servers", in that they can both publish SMB/CIFS.
Thus, peers:  Peer-to-peer, in contrast to the client-server model.

> That is not P2P by definition.

Folks, this guy is saying that one MS-Windows 98 box pulling files off
another MS-Windows 98 box isn't peer-to-peer.  And he _doesn't_ appear
to be joking.  And I don't believe it's a full moon.

Where do we _get_ these people?

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Rick Moen                   -- David B. O'Donnel, sysadmin for America Online