[Smaug] Re: [SlugLUG] curious for a report

CERisE...mass consumer of bazooka gum cerise at littlegreenmen.armory.com
Sun, 5 May 2002 18:28:08 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 5 May 2002, Josh Neal wrote:

> That's the odd thing: I did RH, Debian, and Slackware installs from my
> load swerver onto one of my other boxen (an N440BX 2U) on Friday, and
> didn't see any of the problems that cropped up during the InstallFest.
> Admittedly, I wasn't using boot media: I was using grub to PXE boot
> kernels and ramdisks.
> I just installed Slackware 8 onto a spare laptop, and didn't see the
> bootdisk/kernel problem that you had on John's laptop, Phil.

   Boot media is a fine idea I think.  The idea of a net install is good,
but it's not always the most feasible thing on PCs.  An infinite number of
distro CDs would be the optimal solution.
   OOC, I wonder what the probability would be to get sponsored by some
company with free linux CDs to hand out.  Doubtful, but that would be a
fairly optimal solution.

> Darn. Any chance that the meeting could start earlier in the afternoon?
> (Say, 2 or 3pm?)

   I'd be willing to say AOK.  How does everyone else feel about it?
   I seem to recall someone on the list with a Saturday class.

> Yes, it sucks very much that Apple managed to break Terminal.app's font
> handling. Try using Courier or Courier New; that seems to have lessened
> my frustrations with the damned thing.
> If you've got admin rights, give OroborOSX a try.
> (http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/unix_apps_utilities/oroborosx.html)
> Minimizing xterms to the OSX dock is very cool.

   Actually didn't need admin rights to do it.  I found it independently a
number of months ago when I was vaguely interested in the new stuff in OS
X.  I'm not a big fan of it because of the way that it handles the X
server.  In order for it to quit happily, I find that I have to close all
X programs *then* kill the X server.  I can't just log out and expect the
OS to close things out for me.  =(
   I'll have to try a different font.  I think we're going to wire the
house up soon and I'll start populating some of my spare boxes around.