[Smaug] Re: [SlugLUG] curious for a report

Josh Neal josh at unixmercenary.net
Sun, 5 May 2002 16:22:35 -0700

On Sun, May 05, 2002 at 05:01:09PM -0700, CERisE...mass consumer of bazooka gum wrote:
> 4) Try a net install BEFORE the installfest.  Spent a bit trying to net
> install from Josh's pizza box.

That's the odd thing: I did RH, Debian, and Slackware installs from my load swerver onto one of my other boxen (an N440BX 2U) on Friday, and didn't see any of the problems that cropped up during the InstallFest. Admittedly, I wasn't using boot media: I was using grub to PXE boot kernels and ramdisks.

I just installed Slackware 8 onto a spare laptop, and didn't see the bootdisk/kernel problem that you had on John's laptop, Phil. 

> I'll take this time to announce the next meeting.  I'm planning next
> Saturday at 8p at JBE whiteboards.

Darn. Any chance that the meeting could start earlier in the afternoon? (Say, 2 or 3pm?)

> P.P.S forgive mistypes.  I'm typing this on a stupid fucking Mac OS X box
> which still has a terminal bug with fractional font spacing, so it becomes
> exceedingly difficult to tell where exactly the cursor is and whether or
> not characters were repeated.

Yes, it sucks very much that Apple managed to break Terminal.app's font handling. Try using Courier or Courier New; that seems to have lessened my frustrations with the damned thing. 

If you've got admin rights, give OroborOSX a try. (http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/unix_apps_utilities/oroborosx.html) Minimizing xterms to the OSX dock is very cool.


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