[Smaug] Re: [SlugLUG] curious for a report

CERisE...mass consumer of bazooka gum cerise at littlegreenmen.armory.com
Sun, 5 May 2002 17:01:09 -0700 (PDT)

We missed you anyway.

There were duels with staples.  That's about it though.

We had a huge installee:geek ratio.  I was handling 3 people at once at
one point.  Not to mention chatting with the reporter from the Fish Rap.
Hope some of my more aberrant quotes make it in.

Slackware v. Debian was definitely going on.  They ended up tied for the
day at 3 installs a piece.  We definitely needed more geeks there.

It was odd...we found absolutely no time to do anything geeky on the side.
The entire day from 1p to 9p was completely taken up with various people.
Especially one rather annoying WinME dual boot issue.

Let's see....I'm not sure if anything else occurred.  I brought a system
along to show off OSes, but didn't get to turn it on over the course of
the day.

I suppose in terms of lessons learned...
1) Let myself and afraydknot handle promotion.  Probably one of the most
successful installfests in the history of SlugLUG.  At least in the memory
of everyone involved.
2) Get more geeks to come along.  A couple slacker geeks showed up and
3) bring more hardware!  We found ourselves short on monitors, floppy
disks, and ethernet cables at one point.
4) Try a net install BEFORE the installfest.  Spent a bit trying to net
install from Josh's pizza box.
5) Write up a distro sheet with short descriptions for people to sort
through.  Although it should really just have one distro listed, I suppose
we should give fair time to obviously inferior non-slackware distros ;)
6) Some sort of new user manual might not be bad.  At least, writing
the LDP site on the whiteboard.
7) Have installfests more often!!!! It was fun enough that at least 3
people didn't think it'd be too awful to have an installfest every week.
I think that'd get old, but I do think they need to be stepped up from one
a .25.  Perhaps we should do one every other week?  Monthly?  Bimonthly?

I'll take this time to announce the next meeting.  I'm planning next
Saturday at 8p at JBE whiteboards. As a point of interest, I'm morethan
willing to chat about alternate OSes.  There aren't any that are really an
acceptable alternative yet, but some of them seem pretty well polished and
more than worth a look.  I also got Gentoo on a box as well.  I haven't
decided if I like it or not yet.

This will probably be of interest to smaug as well.  I suppose it might
make sense as a joint meeting, but it probably makes much more sense as a
repeatable talk.  I certainly wouldn't mind giving it for both groups.


P.S. It'd also be fun to have a massive Chez Geek game at some point with
actual geeks.  It seems like we should really pull together and have
actual social events.

P.P.S forgive mistypes.  I'm typing this on a stupid fucking Mac OS X box
which still has a terminal bug with fractional font spacing, so it becomes
exceedingly difficult to tell where exactly the cursor is and whether or
not characters were repeated.

P.P.P.S  Perhaps we should promote the next meeting as well?

On Sun, 5 May 2002, Karsten Wade wrote:

> Just curious how the installfest went yesterday.  I was going to try to
> stop by, but it was imm-possible.  Any good stories?  Any insights?  New
> conversions?  Any duels with ethernet cables?  Any love lost or gained?
> thx - k'