[Smaug] And now, something totally different...

Mike Del Fava mdelfava at ix.netcom.com
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 20:55:32 -0700

I'm hoping glean some knowledge about integrating some Linux/Unix services
(secure firewall/web server) into my newly designed, starting to be
deployed, Windows 2000 Infrastructure (County of Santa Cruz mandated. If it
were up to me my whole agency would be a Linux Shop. I could save the
taxpayers a whole lot money). I know from preliminary research that with the
latest versions of KERBOS and LDAP on my Linux or BSD boxes they could talk
with Win2000 Active Directory. Any thoughts?

I'm pretty much at an intermediate level of knowledge so anything too
technical should come with subtitles.

If everything falls into place, I should be at the next SMAUG meeting (April
6th??) if anybody wishes to discuss this with me face-to-face.