[Smaug] Computer donations ... please consider your support

Martin Wolters martinwolters at yahoo.com
Thu, 18 Apr 2002 00:05:50 -0700

On April 27th and 28th, the World Computer Exchange (WCE), a non-profit 
organization I've been supporting through volunteer activities, is 
holding an event called 'PCs for Peace' (www.pcsforpeace.org).  The 
basic idea is that WCE recycles computers that may be collecting dust on 
someone's shelf, or tossed out to become landfill.  They're sent to 
participating schools in developing nations such as Bangladesh, India, 
Namibia, etc.  I specifically support this organization because of its 
comprehensive, supporting network of organizations which ensures, that 
the computers will be installed correctly, maintained, and that the 
teachers and students will be trained. And of course the organization supports 
Linux and free software. (They include Linux Mandrake in each shipment and 
include people like me - I am branded "Open Source Specialist" - into 
planning and implementation of projects.)

The computers must be working, and have at least 50 MHz clock speed. I'd like 
to ask your help with the following:

+ Come to "PCs for Peace" and drop off any computer equipment that you've 
been wanting to donate to a worthy charity. I can also pick up PCs in the 
Santa Cruz area and bring them to one of the drop off locations over the 
+ If possible, give a few hours of your time the weekend of the event to 
help at any one of the collection points (shifts are 5 hours each and 
snacks will be served)
+ Consider taking all your spare parts (and your friends spare parts, and your 
friends, friends spare parts) and build a working computer that you then 

The Web site www.pcsforpeace.org has more detailed information about the 
event and how to volunteer.  Bala Aryan (baryan@worldcomputerexchange) 
is organizing volunteers, so if you can help, please contact him 
directly.  Of course, feel free to contact me also. 

Please feel free to pass this on to any of your friends.  People are 
usually very happy to hear that there is an organization that will 
breathe new life into their aging computers.  And, thanks for any help 
you can give.

Martin W.