[Smaug] Interested in an El Granada Linux Interest Meeting in May

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 21:15:59 -0700

Hi, and welcome to the group.

Quoting lmckusic@specialremoveunthisparents.com (lmckusic@specialremoveunthisparents.com):

> Hello to the smaug group. I live 50 miles north of Santa Cruz in El
> Granada, near Half Moon Bay.

Occasionally, somebody on-line asks about Linux user groups in coastside
San Mateo County, but only rarely.  My barometer for that is the
comments in the bottom section of
http://www.ssc.com:8080/glue/groups/us/california , which cover the
prior year, at any given time.  Unfortunately, there aren't any
Coastside requests posted there, at the moment.

If you're willing to hop over the hill and down I-280, I host a LUG at
my wife's and my house in west Menlo Park, just northwest of Stanford
U., twice a month.  Our next meeting is this Saturday, 4 pm - midnight.
See:  http://linuxmafia.com/cabal/

If you're interested in founding an El Granada group, this essay may
prove useful:  http://linuxmafia.com/~rick/essays/newlug.html

Cheers,                                             Live Faust, die Jung.
Rick Moen