[Smaug] Interested in an El Granada Linux Interest Meeting in May

lmckusic@specialremoveunthisparents.com lmckusic at specialremoveunthisparents.com
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 08:08:20 -0700

Hello to the smaug group. I live 50 miles north of Santa Cruz in El Granada, near Half Moon Bay.

I'd like to hear from any smaug list reader interested in holding a first Linux interest group meeting in El Granada or Half Moon Bay maybe in late May.

So I am looking for:
	A co-host 
	A free meeting space (don't have one yet).
	Some software to give away (don't have any yet).

About myself. I'm an escaped HP 3000 administrator, I now work in El Granada Hardware, I have a handicapped daughter (thus the domain name above) and I have a Zope + Postgresql project in the late vaporware stage and I have been running Linux since Yggdrasil Plug 'n Play. I am interested in SOAP but I haven't got any traction on using it yet.

For this area, I feel the school district and a lot of other organizations need to realize that there really is powerful free network computing available now.