[Smaug] DNS zone transfer errors

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri, 5 Apr 2002 20:35:06 -0800

Quoting Graham Freeman (graham@calteg.org):

> I'm not a DNS expert, but might need to be listed as an
> NS record for the zone.

We could do that.  In theory, it shouldn't be necessary; it's supposed
to affect only the chain of authority.  But let's try that, since bind
v. 9 is a new-ish codebase, and it just might impose some requirement in
that area that I've never encountered before.

> Also, I assume you've incremented the serial number and restarted the
> daemon after changes.

Yes, I of course HUPed bind.

Serial numbers:  One increments serial numbers upon editing zonefiles.
/etc/bind/named.conf isn't a zonefile.

_Now_ I've edited /etc/bind9/scruz.org.zone, and therefore have
incremented its S/N.

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