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CERisE...mass consumer of bazooka gum cerise at littlegreenmen.armory.com
Fri, 5 Apr 2002 16:35:03 -0800 (PST)

This is obviously from the SlugLUG list, but I thought it was worth
passing to this list as well 8)

Hope to see many/all of you there ; )


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Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 16:31:43 -0800 (PST)
From: CERisE...mass consumer of bazooka gum
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Subject: Re: [SlugLUG] Purpose

And speaking of purposes....

I've decided to be a bit more aggressive about things here.

I am officially calling an unofficial meeting of the minds.

As I've said on more than one occasion, I've been planning out parts of an
operating system of late.  It's a rather ambitious project and one which I
don't honestly believe will go anywhere aside from perhaps a foot note in
a history of obscurities.

I've had time to work on parts of it (most notably the filesystem) and
I've wanted time to discuss the situation with fellow geeks.

As a result, I will host a conference of sorts which will probably quickly
degenerate into pseudo random chaos.

Where:  The Armory (www.armory.com for directions)
When:  Next Sunday, April 14 @ 6p (subject to change based on public

Guests are encouraged to bring snacks along.  Tortilla chips, soda, and
ethernet jacks will be freely available!


P.S.  Attendance by flakes, those in comas, and the perpetually busy is
welcome ; )