[Smaug] DNS change (fwd)

Graham Freeman graham at calteg.org
04 Apr 2002 05:37:52 -0800

On Wed, 2002-04-03 at 16:22, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Graham Freeman (graham@calteg.org):
> > I haven't had a response about this, and the server move is happening
> > soon.
> I haven't seen any prior communications about it.  If you sent them
> to my contact address for purposes of DNS registration
> (rick@deirdre.net), my apologies -- I need to get mail from there more
> often.

I sent the message to "smaug-domain@scruz.org", which is listed as both
Administrative and Billing Contact for scruz.org.  It seems that
"conjurer@cddp.net" is now listed as Technical contact, but I'm 95% sure
that as of yesterday the technical contact was also

> I've now added (your new DNS server) below the existing
> line for (your old DNS server) among the list of
> allow-ransfer hosts for the scruz.org domain.  Please let me know
> when to drop the old entry.

ns1.calteg.org/ should be removed completely for the time


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