[Smaug] DNS change (fwd)

Graham Freeman graham at calteg.org
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 16:13:27 -0800 (PST)

Hey folks,

I haven't had a response about this, and the server move is happening


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Date: 30 Mar 2002 08:11:28 -0800
From: Graham Freeman <graham@calteg.org>
To: smaug-domain@scruz.org
Subject: DNS change

Hi folks,

As you may know, CalTEG provides backup DNS service for SMAUG via
'scruz.org'.  Currently, we're doing so with ns1.calteg.org
(  In an effort to bring the hardware serving
ns1.calteg.org to somewhere geographically closer to our admins, I am
slowly moving ns1's responsibilities to another box.

Please change scruz.org such that it allows transfers from and lists
ns4.calteg.org ( as a domain server, instead of
ns1.calteg.org.  Thanks!


Graham Freeman                  Executive Director, CalTEG
tel: +1 831 466 0853            http://www.calteg.org/