[Smaug] Meeting this Monday

Karsten Wade phig at phig.org
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 02:19:41 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Rick Moen wrote:

> At any given moment, _exactly_ the list of project admins shown on the
> right side of http://sourceforge.net/projects/smaug-web/ are physically
> capable of maintaining the Smaug site.  No more, no fewer.  Exactly
> those.

This point is accurate.  Of the three people who had volunteered for that
committee, one has dropped off the active roster and was removed from
admin for the Website (David Correa), and the other (Mike Del Fava) showed
interest but did not supply a SF uid for me to add him on the admin list.
I believe (but will not hunt for now) that I requested that information in
a subsequent posting.

So, what we need is another couple of volunteers to help maintain the
Website.  Members in good standing is important, since we don't want to
hand the keys to just anyone.

As for myself, I think I might be more willing to help administer the site
and fix these little bugaboos and such, but I have zero clue about how to
do so.  It started as being in CVS, which I am competent enough to mess up
(which I did first time), but I learn.  The current system was described
in a post here at sometime, and when faced with a task to do I find I
first have to find the instructions, and next thing you know I have
dropped the ball.

Can one of the people with clue about how to manage/update scruz.org
please post here and on the site a basic HOWTO for doing things right and
wrong?  Maybe that would inspire a few more people to step up and help out
with the admin tasks.  I would certainly be willing to post my meeting
minutes and make sure that the meeting times are updated and filled with
the proper information (as would fit the position of chairing the

On a similar note, I have volunteered to provide information/act as
correspondent for announcing our community activities to a new aggregate
site, http://www.linuxandmain.com.  I think for promoting events such as
Rick's proposed GPG talk, we should post to that site, linuxmafia.com's
LUG page, and to the SlugLUG list as well.

What this boils down to for me are the two following points:

1. We don't have to do anything, but if we choose to do something, we need
to do it right _not_ half-assed

2. This last month seemed to have been a month of half-assed for myself
and many people I know (I won't point at the stars or anything, it just
seemed that way), so we can take that as a lesson learned

- k'

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