[Smaug] Meeting this Monday

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 10:05:05 -0800

Quoting Martin Wolters (martinwolters@yahoo.com):

> Here are my few comments:
> I actually checked the website last week too and was now planning for
> April 8 instead of April 1. I guess you can still meet tonight, in
> which case I won't be able to make it.

Hey, looks like the fsck-up fairy visited those of us on the Web team,
didn't it?

I've been busy enough that I left maintenance of the site to others.
The site obviously needed updating on March 4 (day of the last meeting),
and I realised that at the time, but figured Jacob, Lisa, Karsten, or
David ought to share the task of keeping the site current, so it doesn't 
just become a Rick M. thing.

But I didn't notice that April's date is supposed to be the 1st, not the
8th.  My error.

Suggestion for any member of the Web team who suddenly starts getting
ambitious about site maintenance:  When one corrects a date error or
reschedules a meeting for any purpose, one does _not_ want to just
remove the old date, as if the error or old scheduling never existed.
Instead, what you do is leave an entry on the old date, stating that the
event will _not_ occur on that date for [specified reason].  This
puts people on notice that a change has occurred, in case they had
formed plans to rely on the old information.

Seeing that nobody else on the Web team stepped in during the past
month, I've checked in updates to stop listing March 4 as the "next
meeting", substitute April 1, mention that the bit about April 8 was in
error, and add June 3 to the upcoming meeting dates.  The cron script
should implement that fix in a few minutes.

Would one of the other Web team members kindly update the site after
this evening?

About my Gnupg (gpg) lecture:  I'll be glad to give it on Monday, May 6,
_if and only if_ an upcoming-event description goes up on the Web site 
this week.  Otherwise, it'll have to be fore June or later.

A large part of the point of having a group Web site is to give members
of the public, including those who are -not- regular readers of the
group's mailing list, advance notice.

Cheers,             "I used to be on the border of insanity.  However, due 
Rick Moen           to pressing political concerns, I recently had to invade."
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