[Smaug] Re: CVS Add/Commit (fwd)

Karsten Wade phig@phig.org
Wed Jan 16 15:54:01 2002

Okay, I give.  There must be something I am missing.  I added David as  a
project admin to sf.net/projects/smaug-web, and gave him the same
permissions as myself.  I know that I can do the CVS because I did it once
already.  I know that if David says he can't get in, he can't get in.

Can another of the admins take a peek at how things are configured and fix
them, or let me know where the CVS and shell access permissions are

thx - k'

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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 23:15:12 -0800 (PST)
From: David Correa <tech@linux-tech.com>

I cant scp to the web dir either:

[tech@onix htdocs]$ scp jan_2002_meeting.html
linuxtech@smaug-web.sourceforge.net's password:
scp: /home/groups/s/sm/smaug-web/htdocs/jan_2002_meeting.html: Permission

I can to my account

[tech@onix htdocs]$ scp jan_2002_meeting.html linuxtech@smaug-web.sourceforge.net:
linuxtech@smaug-web.sourceforge.net's password:
jan_2002_meeting.htm 100%
8556       00:00

There is an access problem to the smaug CVS and Shell accounts

let me know how it goes.


David Correa

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