[SMAUG] key signing

Karsten Wade phig@phig.org
Sat Jan 12 14:05:02 2002

A couple of times the GPG thing has been mentioned.  You may notice the
URL in my sigblock, for anyone who wants my public key.

It is sounding as if we should have a key signing party, perhaps the next
time we get together.  I think I know at least several of you well enough
to put trust in you. :)

Just saying the words "key signing party" will hopefully bring Rick with
some good URLs.  In fact, I first learned the howto's at Papa Rick's knee.
:)  Here is one HOWTO for running a GPG keysigning: 


If we want to do this, we need someone to organize the event.

Someone has to gather all the keys from everyone participating, put them
together on a checklist sheet, and distribute it at the event.  Then some 
degree of control needs to be maintained to be sure that people are
following the protocols (i.e., checking ID, checking key fingerprint,

This seems like a natural task for a Chair Committee member.  Since Chris
is running the show this next meeting, is there anyone who was thinking of
helping with the Chair tasks who would like to get his or her feet wet
organizing this?

And, yes, it's okay if we don't do this yet.  Don't want to put any stress
cracks on anyone's wings, if you know what I mean. :)

cheers - k', whose key certainly needs some more tryst^N^N^N^N^N trust ...

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