[SMAUG] meeting results/minutae 01.07.2002

Karsten Wade phig@phig.org
Sat Jan 12 01:59:01 2002

[ NOTE - busy week, trying to catch up all over the place.  I started
these when I got back from the meeting the other night and am now
finishing.  Hopefully they will be coherent. ]

This will have no particular order because things were mildly disjointed.
However, this will change at the next meeting.  Right, Chris? :)

: Items

:: Domain Name

In a unanimous vote, it was decided to maintain scruz.org as the official
group domain name.

:: Group Name

Much was discussed about why we call ourselves SMAUG and why have a
different domain name.  No vote was taken, but there seemed to be some
consensus at the table:

- Giving breathing time to even saying the word Microsoft seemed odious
for everyone, so why have it be in our title?
- However, we could spend gobs of time making a decision, and then we
would have to get new branding and everything.
- Therefore, let's take the path of least resistance and call ourselvs
Smaug where means nothing in particular.

IOW, no progress, but there are definitely people asking if the name fits
the mission.

We can consider this discussion tabled, at least until the next meeting or
spontaneous list discussion.

:: Committees

We discussed methods of decision making, getting stuff done, and
structures of organization.  No one spoke up for pyramidical, top-down
power structures.  People did speak up for a more circular structure.

We decided to try a methodology where we continue to grow in structure
organically, adding on appendages as needed.  Instead of electing officers
and the ilk, we have formed around committess of interest wherein people
can get stuff done that interests them.  

The committees are given a mandate and are watched over by the group as a
whole.  It is up to the committee members to communicate on what they need
to do and who will do it.  A minimum of three members is probably
recommended, and for most committees 5 members seems like a good cutoff.
If there is not room for you now, try again in 3 months when member
priorities shift.

This is just something we are trying out.  If it sucks to much, I'm sure
there will be motion to change it.  Don't like it?  Attend the next
meeting and start talking.  But be careful, Chris Parry is swinging the
gavel next time, and he don't take no lip from long talkers. ;)

In no particular order, they are:

::: Web Committee

The Web Committee is in charge of designing and maintaining the front and
back end of the group's Web presence.  How this is accomplished is
primarily up to them, with lots of input from anyone with ideas.

Two new volunteers joined the already active David Gatwood.  David is a
charter member and has been effectively pressed into service.  Mr.
Gatwood, if you have an objection, speak up anytime.


David A. Gatwood <dgatwood@mklinux.org>
David Correa <tech@linux-tech.com>
Mike Del Fava <mdelfava@ix.netcom.com>

::: Chair Committee

We decided that someone had to be in charge of reminding about the
meeting, publicizing what agenda there is prior to the meeting, actually
running the meeting so it gets somewhere, and reporting back to the
mailing list on what happened in the meeting.

Thus was born the Chair Committee, affectionately dubbed the "ArmChair
Committee".  Members rotate the duties amongst themselves, one per

I volunteered mostly because I wanted the meetings to be timely. :)  I
don't know why Chris volunteered, I suppose we'll find out over time.  


Chris Parry <laotzu@juniper.net> - Feb. 2002 meeting
Karsten Wade <karsten@phig.org> - Jan. 2002 meeting
Your Name <yourcoolnick@yourverycooldomainname.tld> - Mar. 2002

That's right, at least one of you shall be lucky enough to step forward to
fill this position. 

::: List Admins

These are the sods who manage the mailing list.  Unglorious job.  This
last meeting Raphael Dorado abdicated his throne and offered it to yours
truly.  Therefore,

List Admins:

Rick Moen <rick@linuxmafia.com>
Lisa DeQuattro <ldq@cruzio.com>
Karsten Wade <karsten@phig.org>

::: Linux in Education

This committee has an obvious objective.  Both Raf and myself have stated
our interest in being involved in promoting, installing whatever Linux in
(grade) schools, but we don't have the time to follow up on this.  If we
had some organization of effort going on, I might be able to tap into my
local resources to find us some candidates for our largesse (I am that
rare thing, a local).

So, if any of you want to take an active hand in this, lead the direction,
etc., you have at least two people who have some limited resources to add
in when you have a time and place for us to show and prove.


None yet.


Raphael Dorado <rdorado@pacbell.net>
Karsten Wade <karsten@phig.org>

:: Group Objectives

Following an attendee's concern that we would walk out of the meeting with
no goal and no plans, we discussed what some members thought group goals
should be.  We gathered at least these two:

o Provide a social environment to trade shop-talk, swap stories, share
knowledge.  Exist as a community to support the members, make certain
there is a place for alternative OS users in Santa Cruz to feel accepted
and part of the majority for a change.

o Assist in the adoption of Open Source software on schools.  Find ways we
can help, schedule and gather the troops, and basically help in any way
that we can.

These are not a lot, I'm sure there are more out there.  The point was to
prove at a minimum that there are goals being reached for, and in some way
being accomplished.

*There was much rejoicing*

:: Meeting Place(s)

Not resolved forever.  More ideas were discussed.  One member is looking
into the logistics of having it at her work.  We are considering other
alternatives.  Some people have already looked alllll ooooooover for
somewhere which is perfect and free, and have not found it.

Until you hear otherwise, upstairs at 99 Bottles (see the Website).  It
should be quieter this time with the end of American Football season.

:: Cool Ideas Discussed

::: Santa Cruz Wireless

We discussed starting a Santa Cruz Wireless.  This would be a MAN
(Metropolitan Area Network) consisting of 802.11b nodes hooked to
privately procured DSL.  These are popping up all over in other 'burgs.

There is probably a movement around this in Santa Cruz already.  We need
to find out who that is to see if we can/want to help.  This would be more
of individual effort by members rather than necessarily an official SMAUG
thingie that we do.

If anyone has any clue for us here, please shout it out.

::: IRC

I saw someone come on this week a few times when I wasn't around.  Eric,
was that you?

Anyway, there is a #SMAUG channel on irc.openprojects.net.  Drop by

Tha's it. ;)

- k

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