[SMAUG] Meeting, meeting room

Lisa DeQuattro ldq@cruzio.com
Sun Mar 4 08:02:02 2001

> In theory we can have a room at Cabrillio College. We would have to
decide, if
> we want the upper or lower
> area. (See

btw, the map may be obsolete now...the large blue striped area is now a
parking garage - I *think* it is open... and if not at the moment, will
be very
soon. Either way, it should be pretty easy to find parking after 5pm.
campus will be less walking, upper campus has some awesome views.. I've
taken a
couple classes there and I don't recall that there is universal access
to the
buildings for those who have difficulty with or are unable to manage
stairs -
maybe that has changed. There have been construction projects underway