[SMAUG] Optimize XFree

Raphael Dorado rdorado@pacbell.net
Tue Feb 20 00:27:01 2001

Martin Wolters wrote:
> Does somebody have some good references (links etc.) that describe steps
> to optimize XFree86?  I am using XFree Version 4.0.1 (Mandrake 7.2
> installation) with an Intel 810 Driver. "top" reports 40M memory usage by X.
> Is that typical? Can I reduce that significantly by limiting the entries in
> XF86Config?

>From what I know, there are some memory leaks in there, but the main problem
is server-side allocation for the client (think *Netscape* :-), like pixmaps,

XF86config is more a driver description file than an X runtime configuration.
Some args to the Xserver makes it use more memory (e.g.: backing-stores).

Maybe you want to do a 'man Xserver' to get more information.

Hope it helps.


P.S.: My 'X' is also 40Mb (2 Nescapes)