[SMAUG] presentation and such...

Raphael Dorado rdorado@pacbell.net
Mon Feb 5 23:18:01 2001

I wasn't sure that you wanted to do that next time. Sorry for the confusion.
About the domain name, I actually throught: "What are the things that need to
be setup when I want to host a domain at home ?". This includes DNS / DHCP /
Mailer / FTP / WWW / SSH... This is a lot of stuff that we could split across
several presentations.


Jason Mealins wrote:
> I could also do a little presentation on setting up OpenBSD 2.8 with NAT and
> Firewall if people are interested. Oh and because we were discussing what
> facilities smaug seems to have, we also have the domain names:
> smaug-fest.com , smaug-group.org, and smaug-net.net . They are all also
> hosted and it looks like payed for by VA. Raf you also mentioned something
> about a tutorial dealing with setting up your own domain name. Were you
> talking about setting up DNS and the whole shebang or just getting a domain
> name and getting someone else to host DNS for you? wasn't exactly clear.
> Jason Mealins
> jmealins@iname.com
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