[SMAUG] SMAUG 02/05/01 Meeting Digest

Raphael Dorado rdorado@pacbell.net
Mon Feb 5 21:52:01 2001


Six of us had an informal meeting tonight at Saturn Cafe'.

Jacob Hunter announced last week that he can no
longer assume the group's responsibilities because
of work+university schedule. Let's wish him the
best and thank him for starting SMAUG.

Today's agenda mainly focused on the future of the group:

Meeting place

  The most important item is finding a new meeting place
  since SCO can not host us anymore.

  The following suggestions came up:

	1 - Santa Cruz Veteran Hall	(Lisa)
	2 - Room in another company	(Lisa)
	3 - Pizza Joint
	4 - Cabrillo college
	5 - Aptos Library
	6 - Max's barn			(Max)

  A public meeting place close to downtown Santa Cruz
  would probably be the best solution. This would make
  us independent from person / company commitments, as
  well as personal costs (pizza joint).

  I forgot to write down who would try to get a room
  at Cabrillo College or Aptos library. Anyway, I think
  that we should first start with the Veteran's Hall.
  I leave in Aptos an could try to get a room at the
  library if other things fail.

Web Site

  We need to get the right to modify the web site.
  I will contact Marc Merlin at VA Linux to have three
  people amongst us be granted the appropriate privileges.
  Until the next meeting, I will arrange to have Lisa,
  Rick Moen and I be able to update the Web site.

Group Leadership

  What people do is more important than their title.
  Until next meeting, Lisa, Rick and I will try to handle
  the leadership of the group. Maybe we could officially
  elect a new "board" during the next meeting.


  It is obvious that our group is not big enough to have
  speakers at each meeting. We agreed that we can have
  people amongst us show how they performed certain
  things on Linux, we have a lot to ask and share.
  During the next meeting, Max will be presenting how he
  setup a firewall. If you have some files / ideas / questions
  about the subject, please free to post them in the mailing
  list. Be careful not to post sensitive information that could
  be used in a malignant way.


  Once in a while (every 3-4 months), we could have a speaker,
  maybe we could share his presence in a bigger room with other
  local LUGs (Monterey / SCSU).


  I will get a paper board and markers for the next meeting.
  I will also arrange to get some T-shirts and CDs (not boxed
  distros which tend to make people greedy) from Red Hat.

That's all for this time, and I hope to see you all next time.

Comments welcomed.