[SMAUG] No more meeting room

Raphael Dorado rdorado@pacbell.net
Mon Feb 5 13:27:02 2001

Well, for this time I guess that Saturn Cafe should be good enough.
If any new suggestion for a place is provided early enough
(before 4 PM), that's fine with me.

Even though I've been living in Aptos for more than 1 year, I still
don't know Santa Cruz Downtown very well.

If nothing new is posted, I'll see you there at 6:30 PM.


Rick Moen wrote:
> begin  Raphael Dorado quotation:
> > We need to take action if we want the group to survive. Who is interested
> > in meeting in Saturn Cafe tonight ? As long as there would be someone else,
> > I would be ready to go.
> I'll be glad to attend.
> I suggested Saturn Cafe pretty much solely because it was the only Santa
> Cruz location I could remember clearly.  (Much thanks to Rafael for
> looking up the address, and for taking charge, in other ways.)  NOTE:
> Any one of you might be able to suggest a much _more_ suitable location.
> It should ideally have:
> -- large tables, or at least tables that can be combined for 10 or more
> -- not too much crowding
> -- food (would be nice)
> -- hours that fit SMAUG's time slot
> -- admission for those under age 21 (remember the USA's dumb liquor laws)
> -- food / coffee would be nice, but not essential
> Feel like suggesting your favourite pizza joint, and have its address?
> Please speak up now!
> And I didn't respond earlier to Raphael's "roll call" because he and I
> had been talking about arrangements off-list, already.
> --
> Cheers,                                Before enlightenment, caffeine.
> Rick Moen                              After enlightenment, caffeine.
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