[SMAUG] Meeting tomorrow night ?

Raphael Dorado rdorado@pacbell.net
Sun Feb 4 12:22:01 2001

Hello all,

Jacob has been unreachable since last Monday and we might not be able
to get the room at SCO. If that happens, I we should meet somewhere
downtown. Rick Moen suggested the "Saturn Cafe" (see references below).

If the room is unavailable, I will put a sign on the door indicating
that we are downtown, or that the meeting has been canceled.

PLEASE ANSWER this e-mail so that we can approximate a head count and
decide what to do.

Also, make sure to check the mailing list before going to the meeting,
just in case it gets canceled.



Saturn Cafe:

145 Laurel St.
Santa Cruz, CA  95060-4498

The map is available at: