[SMAUG] questions and hi

Jacob Hunter smaug@scruz.org
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 16:33:21 -0800 (PST)

excellent questions!

This jogged my brain for more questions to add:
> Additional questions for Mandrake/Rasterman might include:
>    - What are some strategies/techniques for propogating
>      alternatives to Microsoft especially in the workplace
>      where everyone seems to be running Windows everywhere ?
>      How can i, for example, convince a non-technical admin
>      to run Linux/BSD/Whatever with KDE/Gnome/Enlightenment
>      when all they know is Microsoft Office ?

Is the current Open Source office products (Open Office and StarOffice)
currently a viable replacment, or do you think running WINE with a
windows office product on top of Linux is a better idea (AKA what corel does)

>    - What "holes" are there in the Open Source world ? That is,
>      what areas of development do they see as next on the horizon
>      and where do we need to focus our efforts ?
>    - How can we leverage the emerging relationships between Open
>      Source developers and Corporate Businesses like IBM, HP, SCO
>      and the various Linux vendors ?

I hear a plug for SCO chiming in! (just kidding)  =)

>    - What got them started in Open Source development and what kinds
>      of things influence their direction ? How do they decide what
>      to work on and how best to proceed ?

good question

>    - How can we alleviate the chaos and confusion surrounding so many
>      graphical desktop alternatives ? An ISV must go nuts trying to
>      make an application KDE/Gnome/CDE/Enlightenment/WindowMaker/Fvwm aware.

yes... maybe we should address the topic of the lack of standards in Linux, and why
that is good, and not good (ie allowing use of existiing technology like GIMP does,
instead of using proprietary)

>    - What plans are there for Enlightenment ? Will it evolve into a full blown
>      desktop or simply exist as a window manager alternative or something else ?
>      What features might propel Enlightenment up and out of the pack of 
>      perfectly servicable window managers ? What areas of Enlightenment 
>      development are hot right now ?

Have you every used enlightenment, e is the coolest desktop...  Do you mean a full blown 
desktop like KDE or Gnome?

> More later. Oh, by the way, hi - i'm new to this list. My name is Ron Record
> and I promote Microsoft alternatives and open source solutions within SCO.

way cool!  off the record how do you feel about a Linux company taking over 
your company... are they going to try to phase out your unix products or use

> -rr-
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