[SMAUG] questions and hi

smaug@scruz.org smaug@scruz.org
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 16:19 PST

Additional questions for Mandrake/Rasterman might include:

   - What are some strategies/techniques for propogating
     alternatives to Microsoft especially in the workplace
     where everyone seems to be running Windows everywhere ?
     How can i, for example, convince a non-technical admin
     to run Linux/BSD/Whatever with KDE/Gnome/Enlightenment
     when all they know is Microsoft Office ?

   - What "holes" are there in the Open Source world ? That is,
     what areas of development do they see as next on the horizon
     and where do we need to focus our efforts ?

   - How can we leverage the emerging relationships between Open
     Source developers and Corporate Businesses like IBM, HP, SCO
     and the various Linux vendors ?

   - What got them started in Open Source development and what kinds
     of things influence their direction ? How do they decide what
     to work on and how best to proceed ?

   - How can we alleviate the chaos and confusion surrounding so many
     graphical desktop alternatives ? An ISV must go nuts trying to
     make an application KDE/Gnome/CDE/Enlightenment/WindowMaker/Fvwm aware.

   - What plans are there for Enlightenment ? Will it evolve into a full blown
     desktop or simply exist as a window manager alternative or something else ?
     What features might propel Enlightenment up and out of the pack of 
     perfectly servicable window managers ? What areas of Enlightenment 
     development are hot right now ?

More later. Oh, by the way, hi - i'm new to this list. My name is Ron Record
and I promote Microsoft alternatives and open source solutions within SCO.