[SMAUG] Any ideas

Raphael Dorado rdorado@pacbell.net
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 18:21:36 -0800

The questions I posted earlier are included below.

In which area does Ben live ?



- Why isn't linux based on a micro kernel (by default) ?

- Threads: why isn't it possible to bind a processor to a thread in SMP
mode ?

- Could someone outline in details what is intended with GPL 3.0 ?

- Which are the future types of projects needed by Linux to get
acceptance ?

- What about a hardware certification for Linux ?
  This would help acceptance of Linux by HW manufacturers.

Jacob Hunter wrote:
> Anyone have any more ideas for questions to ask Mandrake in Raster?
> We're going to try a little more of a format this time around.
> Max, could you send me your ideas again?
> Raf, send me yours again too... someone give a ride to Ben Geertzfield this meeting
> if they can.
> thanks
> jacob
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