[SMAUG] Next meeting...

Jacob Hunter jacob@froggy.scruz.org
Sun Dec 17 22:53:02 2000

excellent question!!!
At the last meeting we had attendance of 24, the first meeting 19.  So we want
enough room for about 30, to be comfortable.

Karsten, is it possible you could do some research on the Louden Center and 
bring your results to the meeting.

Yes Lutris would be ideal (however paking would be a pain),  since it is in 
the downtown area.  I do not think anyone from Lutris goes to our meetings
currently, however many people from the Scotts Valley business area do.  
As far as time constraints go in at 5:30 out at 9:30.  SCO has no problem with
our group staying there late.  I just have to call security to tell them we w
will be there later.  However, SCO will be caldera at our next meeting (the
changeover is official Jan 1) and I have noticed the Caldera attitude is 
much more anal security wise, as they have laid off all of their employed
security officers and hired on First Alarm.  (No disrespect to SCO/Caldera) 
For example at the last meeting the new security team will not let us leave
the door unlocked for 30 minutes (which is probably the smarter way to go)

Well at any rate, enough about SCO!  SMAUG needs a new home, and we need help 
finding one.  Post any suggestions you nay have to the list smaug@scruz.org


> >  * Discuss possibilities of places to hold future meetings (after caldera
> >    sells the building we are currently in we will have to find
> > another local
> >    place to meet.
> As I haven't actually attended a meeting yet, I'm not sure of the
> requirements of a meeting space.  I would like to ponder on this problem for
> the group (may be the only contribution I can make!), so:
> o How many people would we like to be able to scale up to per meeting (10,
> 20, 30, 100)?
> o What are the facility requirements, in terms of:
> 	' Do we need connectivity? (Duh, I know, just asking)
> 	' Tables, chairs, etc.
> 	' Kitchens and the like
> 	' Accessibility to public transportation
> 	' How late in the evening is accessibility required?
> 	' Do we have any budget to cover nominal fees?
> The last item there (budget for fees) is brought up because places like
> Louden Nelson Community Center (on Center & Laurel downtown) has space that
> can be scheduled, but I believe that they charge a fee.  Also, I suspect
> their connectivity is limited or non-existent for meetings.  There will
> often be a limit of how late in the evening things can go, certainly at
> community places like Louden Nelson, and at a corporation (like SCO)
> especially if there is any security involved.
> Is there anyone in the group who works at a local Linux-liking corporation
> (such as Lutris) where we may be able to score some ongoing space?
> Thanks -- Karsten
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