[SMAUG] Next meeting...

Karsten Wade karstenwade@yahoo.com
Sun Dec 17 21:09:01 2000

>  * Discuss possibilities of places to hold future meetings (after caldera
>    sells the building we are currently in we will have to find
> another local
>    place to meet.

As I haven't actually attended a meeting yet, I'm not sure of the
requirements of a meeting space.  I would like to ponder on this problem for
the group (may be the only contribution I can make!), so:

o How many people would we like to be able to scale up to per meeting (10,
20, 30, 100)?

o What are the facility requirements, in terms of:
	' Do we need connectivity? (Duh, I know, just asking)
	' Tables, chairs, etc.
	' Kitchens and the like
	' Accessibility to public transportation
	' How late in the evening is accessibility required?
	' Do we have any budget to cover nominal fees?

The last item there (budget for fees) is brought up because places like
Louden Nelson Community Center (on Center & Laurel downtown) has space that
can be scheduled, but I believe that they charge a fee.  Also, I suspect
their connectivity is limited or non-existent for meetings.  There will
often be a limit of how late in the evening things can go, certainly at
community places like Louden Nelson, and at a corporation (like SCO)
especially if there is any security involved.

Is there anyone in the group who works at a local Linux-liking corporation
(such as Lutris) where we may be able to score some ongoing space?

Thanks -- Karsten

pes:  yes, I know that I am using Outlook as a mail client.  I also use pine
in shell, Netscape under Enlightenment, and will occasionally write on a
piece of paper and stick it in the POmail.  I am agnostic, but open to
religion.  Judge not lest ye be judged really harshly. ;-)

 Karsten Wade