[SMAUG] Next meeting...

Jacob Hunter jacob@froggy.scruz.org
Sun Dec 17 18:13:01 2000

Bruce, one of our esteemed members of our group has come up with a novel idea.
I just talked it over with the VP adam and decided that:
Our next meeting will be an orginizational meeting.  What this means is we
will have no scheduled speaker.  However I am hoping after the orginizational
section of the meeting we will have a 'lesson' from another one of our members.
It can be on anything.  As long as you can be a self proclaimed expert on it.

The orginizational meeting will include:
 * Decisions on format and such of future meetings

 * Find out the demographic make-up of our group so we can find speakers to
   fit what the group would most like to learn about.

 * Introductions:  If anyone would like to come and talk about a project they
   are working and / or need help with.  Also just anyone who would like to 
   talk about themselves and / or the linux community.

 * Discuss possibilities of places to hold future meetings (after caldera 
   sells the building we are currently in we will have to find another local
   place to meet.

 * Organize teams: such as a web team, demo team (for local things i.e. a unix
   demo at borders... and such.)   

I am hoping someone will also put together a brief lesson on something non-
microsoft related.  I.E. a lesson on "What is Open Source"  or "How VMWare
works" or "why linux is cool"
doesnt matter.
send your proposals to the mailing list.

Hope to see you all at the meeting on January 8

Merry Christmas / Holidays

jacob hunter