Bruce R. Montague Brucem brucem@mail.got.net
Tue Dec 5 09:34:01 2000

 Hi, all. I'm wondering how many people following this
list use FreeBSD. I met one other FreeBSD user at Monday's
meeting... a couple of companies in the area use FreeBSD
and at least one UCSC lab... 

 There are some things that might be of direct current
interest: anyone running 4.2 yet? anyone have experience
with 5.0 development, especially stuff like the new SMP?
Anyone running an IPv6-centric machine; what are the IPv6
utils really like? Any neat new apps in the ports tree
that everyone should know about? Anyone doing FreeBSD
driver development?  ... etc...

 If unfamiliar with FreeBSD: www.freebsd.org
You might also want to check out www.netbsd.org
and www.openbsd.org

 - bruce