[SMAUG] A request from your friendly LUG leader...

Jacob Hunter jacob@froggy.scruz.org
Mon Dec 4 22:26:01 2000

I think this month's meeting was pretty good.  It touched a lot
on the programming side of Linux, and not so much the novice
generalization of Linux.  I am looking for a speaker for next
month's meeting, and does anyone have any suggestions on who they
would like to have come?

The funniest thing is that i realised the projector was in the 
corner when I was leaving.

But not to get too far off subject, Lisa, and Martin and john, 
were kind enough to offer helping out with the group.  I will be
getting back to you guys, probably tommorow since I have a lot of 
time on my hands right now.  

One thing that was discouraging this week, is I noticed a lot of
people being territorial about the SLAG that was given to them...
If you need a copy of Linux because you do not have a copy, that
is fantastic and i will get you a copy.  Please do not complain 
about which copy yo get or which kernel it contains.  I am not 
talking about those of you who refused Caldera.  That doesnt matter
to me, it is the people who take what we give them and complain about
it.  Also I am not a software finding service, I will get as many 
copies of linux as I can and distribute it to all members as best
as possible.

Please do not free load on this group, or show of just for SLAG (Free stuff)

So at any rate, any ideas for our nezt speaker?