[SVLUG-Jobs] Senior Software Engineer - SOMA - Division of Technicolor - Advertising

Greg Herlein greg_herlein at prn.com
Wed Jul 27 11:37:20 PDT 2011

If you are a solid Linux coder with skills in REST, Java, NoSQL (MongoDB,
Redis, etc), MySQL, and Debian packaging, we want to talk to you.   If
you¹ve worked with advertising and/or video, we are even more interested.
If you grok how networking really works then we really, really want to talk
to you.

Who are we?  We are PRN, a division of Technicolor.  We put the video ads in
stores.  Think Minority Report.  Think 3 BILLION video plays per month ­ and
growing.  Think hundreds of thousands of screens across the US, Mexico,
Brazil and Poland - and growing.  We¹re a solid, growing company.  We
CREATED retail video advertising 19 years ago.  We¹re profitable, stable,
and growing.   Our teams consist of very experienced local staff with some
offshore help.  We¹re looking to expand our local talent.  We¹re a scrum
shop.   We¹re in SOMA close to transportation.  We offer competitive
salaries and benefits and great work-life balance.    We¹ve got some smart
folks who want smart folks to help them.  Is that you?

 I am the head of Engineering and if you like what you read above my
managers definitely want to talk to you.  Drop me a note, or apply at:

Greg Herlein
Sr. Director, Engineering
T  415.808.9753  |   F  415.808.3535   |   C  415.368.7546
600 Harrison St  €   San Francisco, CA   €   94107

PRN | media where & when it matters

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