[SVLUG-Jobs] Linux / system / programming position

Emmanuel Mayssat emmanuel_mayssat at lynceantech.com
Fri Sep 11 17:04:14 PDT 2009

*Lyncean Technologies, Inc.* has an opening for a software engineer with 
experience developing control system software for complex instruments 
and machines, in particular low level drivers, high level interfaces, 
and flexible software architectures that can adapt to change.

*Software engineering applications include:*

    * Developing low level drivers for ethernet, serial, gpib, pci, and usb
    * Developing high level applications for machine configuration and
      data acquisition
    * Designing GUI's for complex machine operations
    * Writing real-time data processing for complex experimental
    * Writing distributed control system applications
    * Configuring and interfacing 3^rd party, open-source, and in house
    * Participating in the development of a flexible adaptable software


    * A minimum of 4 years of experience with software development and
      version control
    * Experience with open-source software and LINUX operating systems
    * A very good understanding of network configuration issues and
      database management
    * Fluent in C/C++, (i)tcl/(i)tk, python/gtk

Experience with EPICS, MATLAB, NAS/SAN, firewalls,VPN, NX/VNC, and LDAP

*The Company:*
Lyncean Technologies, Inc. is developing a novel x-ray source, a compact 
synchrotron, as well as tools for its application in such diverse fields 
of science as structural biology, proteomics, materials, and x-ray 
imaging applications.

Please respond with a CV to: jobs at lynceantech.com

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