[SVLUG-Jobs] We are seeking an Embedded Linux Engineer

Javier Diaz Javier at erginc.com
Fri Aug 31 14:40:03 PDT 2007

We are seeking an Embedded Linux Engineer who knows the OMAP 5912, and
is ready to run in areas like Deep Sleep of the OMAP and DSP. 

Should have experience putting the DSP into Idle mode with 5912.

Experience hibernating an ARM processor with Linux and how to recover
from it.


This can be done onsite/offsite and full-time/part-time. 

Location: San Jose, CA.

Length: 3-6 months


Candidates may contract me directly for consideration at
Javier at erginc.com




Javier Diaz 
Embedded Resource Group 
San Jose, CA 
408-260-2600 x223 
408-907-3918 fax 
www.ERGinc.com <http://www.erginc.com/>  



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