[SVLUG-Jobs] 10G Networking Startup

Tess Carter tess at rgatech.com
Tue Oct 17 13:55:09 PDT 2006

I recruit permanent, full-time software engineers for open positions at
client companies located in the Bay Area only. My client companies range
from early-stage startups to mature public companies. I am currently
recruiting on behalf of a 10G networking startup based out of Santa
With all of the major server vendors signed up as customers, this
Silicon Valley startup is delivering a series of robust 10G networking
products that take advantage of a very powerful and flexible I/O
architecture. Earlier this year, the startup released their first
product, which is distinguished as the first 10G networking technology
to be OEM’ed into mainstream servers and this is the first
“multifunction” single-chip solution to be offered in the 10G networking
market. Backed by three top-tier VCs, this company has emerged as one of
the most solid startups to be found in such a fast-growing market. 
This company’s software team would like to hire 5-6 more people as
development ramps up to support additional products and new features.
The company would like to interview people with the following experience
for a Linux Kernel Team Lead position:
* Considerable knowledge of Linux or UNIX kernel internals;
 * Excellent C programming skills; the ability to design and code
efficient and clean software;
 * Experience/involvement with the open source community
 * Ability to deal with hardware/software interfaces; Strong problem
solving skills;
* Experience developing high-performance networking drivers;
Please contact me if you or anybody you know would be interested in this
Tess Carter
(415)397-4646 x1208
tess at rgatech.com 
RGA Associates, Inc.
465 California St. 
Suite 1250
San Francisco CA 94104
www.rgatech.com <http://www.rgatech.com/>  

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