[SVLUG-Jobs] Looking for DB

Prakriti Saratoga prakritiinc at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 13 22:43:06 PDT 2006

  We are a small startup. We are looking for you if you are:
   mySQL Guru / Linux (Fedoar / RedHat) Guru (hands-on)   
   in Bay area ( we are in Saratoga, California, 95070 Zip code)   
   Willing to become part of the startup on Equity basis ( Entrepreneur mind)   
   working for enterprise like Cisco, Google , Yahoo, Juniper is plus   
   Have knowledge of shrink wrapping Linux / Fedora   
   Database architect who understands beyond dbschema and fields.   
   Someone who has vision and understand scalability issues   
   with some experience with Network management tools   
   Web 2.0 Experience is plus   
   the one with burning desire to win and become part of team ( of MBAs and Phds )
  This assignment is your lifetime chance to get in a startup on equity basis. You grow with the company. If you have courage and skill sets, please contact: prakritiinc at sbcglobal.net
  We are located in Saratoga, California. 

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