[SVLUG-Jobs] System Administrator - Loomia

Jay Doane jay.s.doane at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 22:29:30 PDT 2006

San Francisco web start-up is looking for a part-time system administrator.
This would be a contract engagement, requiring on the order of 10-20
hours/week, with potential for a permanent role in the future.
We have a number of servers in colocation facility in SOMA. Most of the time

you could work remotely (from your home or whenever it is you like to work
-- we couldn't provide office space for you), and you would be required to
go to the colo from time to time.

Requisite skills:
* Expert understanding of Linux. You've got to know Linux inside and out.
(We currently use CentOS.)
* Expert understanding of scalability and high availability. We get lots and
lots of traffic.
* Deep understanding of hardware compatibility issues
* Good knowldge of Apache configuration (rewrite rules, mod_cache, mod_gzip,
that sort of thing)
* Good understanding of network security issues
* Good understanding of system performance issues
* Familiarity with MySQL

Important traits:
* Ability to communicate: we're a 24x7 web operation, so when our sys admin
does work that will require downtime we need to understand the problem as
fully as possible
* Knowing your own limitations: we'd much rather hear you say you don't know

how to do something than discover it when our system is down
* Thrive in a team environment with other technical people. We're computer
geeks so we're going to be interested in what you're doing, will pepper you
with questions, and occasionally make suggestions (that may or may not be
* Be really responsible. We're going to depend on you.

Big pluses:
* Knowledge of MySQL and in particular tuning MySQL
* Knowledge of Python
* Knowledge of Twisted

* Planning and expanding infrastructure
* Designing for and testing high availability of our system
* OS and hardware maintenance (e.g. replacing failed hardware, updates)
* Hardware configuration and installation in the colo
* Backups / automating backups
* Setting up monitoring to make sure systems are running smoothly

If you are interested, please contact jobs at loomia.com. Include your CV and
some information about the high volume sites you have worked with in the

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