[SVLUG-Jobs] Software Engineer- Hyperic

Tess Rogers tess at hyperic.com
Tue Oct 3 14:17:58 PDT 2006

Hi Everyone,
Please respond to tess at hyperic.com
Hyperic is looking for someone to be a key part of the engineering organization working on various technologies creating and maintaining plugins for Hyperic's HQ system.  
We are looking for an individual who thrives on problem solving, learning new technologies, and high visibility.  
This position offers tremendous exposure to all of the web infrastructure technologies.  
The position will work closely with our CTO and together you will address and support the needs of the customers and open source community.
The responsibilities include Developing, maintaining, and supporting plugins for Hyperic's HQ systems management product.
For example here are existing products and support: http://www.hyperic.com/products/managed_products.html
The individual will be responsible for installation, configuration, use of managed products, and operating systems.  
As well as research how to auto-discover, monitor, control and capture log events for new managed products.  
In addition, the person will work closely with customers and the open source community to build plugins.
Requirements include the following:
4+ years of object oriented programming experience including 2+ years Java. 
The individual must have strong scripting language skills in either Perl, Python, PHP or Ruby. 
Also, must have basic IT and strong operating experience in respect to installation and configuration with multiple systems including Windows, Linux, Solaris and other flavors of UNIX.
Other expertise desired would be experience with management protocols such as JMX or SNMP.  
In addition, experience with open source software and community is desirable.
Experience or willingness to get experienced with technologies such as the following:
Application Servers:
- WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat, Geronimo, Resin
 Web Servers:
- Apache, iPlanet, IIS, lighttpd, Squid
 - WebSphere MQ, Tuxedo, ActiveMQ
- MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MS SQL Server
 - MS Exchange, postfix, qmail
 - OpenLDAP, MS Active Directory, Sun Directory Server
- VMware, Solaris Zones, Zen Source, MS VirtualServer
 Network Devices- Firewalls, Routers, Switches, etc
 Storage Devices
- SAN, NAS, etc
 Open Source stacks:
- LAMP, Ruby on Rails

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