[SVLUG-Jobs] Linux Embedded and Build Expert 3-5 Month

kingchurch kingchurch at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 23:48:07 PDT 2006

Cisco IPTV team is looking for a linux expert for 3-5 month contractor job
or part time job. Please send resume to :

Kevin Kaichuan He
Cisco Systems
Work: 4088535385
Email: hek at cisco.com

Location: San Jose (primary) or Boxborough (secondary), Cisco Campus
LOA: 3-5 months
Start: June or ASAP
Skills:  Embedded linux,  tool-chain and build environment,  package
system,  kernel patching and maintenance

Project Description: Construct a Platform Independent Build Environment for
Embedded Linux Distribution

1) Upgrade the build environment for an embedded/server linux distribution
(x86 based) from Redhat7.3 based to standard Redhat Enterprise AS4/ES4 based
build environment.  In this process remove dependency of the embedded linux
distribution on some legacy build tools and libraries in the old
Redhat7.3based build environment.

2) The new build environment and toolchain should be able to build the
2.6.xbased embedded linux source tree into 32-bit and 64-bit mixed
binary (kernel
is either 64-bit or 32 bit,  applications are 32-bit and 64-bit mixed)

3) Refactor a customized Linux 2.6.x kernel tree into the form of pristine
kernel.org source plus patches and adopt a SRPM style of patching and
building scheme into the new build environment.

4) Enable a high-degree of platform independency for the builder
environment. Thus the build environment itself (ideally be packaged in RPMs)
can be installed to any standard linux distribution (Redhat AS4, SuSE 10,
etc) running on any standard x86 based server platform.

5) Enable a high-degree of platform and distribution independency for the
upper-layer applications in the embedded/server linux
distribution. Introduce a RPM/SRPM like packaging system into the
compilation scripts/Makefiles of the embedded linux distribution to enable
component based upgrading, installation and maintenance. Ideally a new
component can be developed as a RPM and dropped into the embedded linux
distribution with ease.

6) Adding more boot options to the bootstrapping code of the embedded linux
distribution to enable the embedded system to boot from USB stick, CDROM,
harddisk (currently can only boot from Compact Flash IDE card and CDROM)

Language:  C/C++,  perl, shell script, Makefile, python, Java

Working experience of Linux based build environment and GNU toolchain is a

Experience in embedded linux and embedded system package system (e.g. RPM or
alike) is required

Expertise in linux board bring-up and linux kernel are preferred

Experience in development of high end 64-bit x86 based SMP server is a plus

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