[SVLUG-Jobs] samba + lpr spooler appliance

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Tue Jul 18 16:52:38 PDT 2006

hi ya "gurus"

- this is a paid position ...
	and commensurate of your expertise and deliverables

- we are currently shipping some appliance widgets and have additional
  markets we can also sell additional widgets

- i have a potential contract to develop/build/ship a headless
  and keyboardless appliance that provide "samba and lpr spooler"
	- delivery is end of the month ( july )

- "expert" implies, you can look at the config files for each app
  and say that xxx option is missing or yyy option is not needed
  under which circumstances

	- every distro tend to use different set of options
	in their config files...

- are you a guru class samba expert ??

	- we will need to be able to configure smb.conf from
	an rs232 serial console 

	- we may or may not be replacing their active directory
	- we may or may not be replacing their pdc controller

	- i'm closing my eyes to group calendering issues for now
	as it is not on the task list ( required specs )

- are you a guru class cups expert ??
	( i prefer lpr-ng but, that's not the spec )

	- we will need to be able to configure the printer spooler
	for the 4,000 different printers the customers oculd have

	- the printer can be hooked up to the appliance or to the
	remote jetDirect or remote PC

- additional wish list, i say, we should add and make available:
	- x11 for config and debugging 
	- sdndmail/exim
	- antispam/antivirus
	- httpd
	- sshd
	- iptables

	- tk/tcl gui interface is my preference however the
	customer wants rs232 lcd status displays and config

- the applicance is targeted for:

	- customers are non-techie secretary with no hopes of
	calling  the "IT" dept in another country for help

	- rs232 serial display with up/down/left/right/enter buttons

	- i'm gonna be asking for x11 interface for ez development
	of the appliance

	- it will be on a fanless mini-itx motherboard

	- it will most likely boot and run off 128MB compact flash image
	( no /, /bin /usr directories on the flash or disks )

	- appliance should be able to power off at any random 
	time by pulling the power ..

	- i want to be able to remotely update these appliances
	by replacing /boot/linux-consulting.img files whenever
	the customers clicks "update to new version"

	- it'd probably run FreeBSD-6.1 w/ upgrades/patches

- samba/cups demo feasability delivery date is end of july
	- samba and cups need to be working with a gui

- those that want to use webmin are summarily disqualified as it
  is NON-functional for the purposes we need and does not meet
  the minimum specs

- wishlist projections ... 1,000 samba appliances for the first year

c ya

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