[SVLUG-Jobs] Senior System Architect - HPC

HR Manager ddavis at verseon.com
Mon Jul 17 18:51:19 PDT 2006


Do you want to architect one of the world's largest HPC clusters that brings unprecedented computational power to fundamentally transform every aspect of drug discovery?

Do you dream of building a multi-teraflop system using off-the-shelf components and leading-edge open source technologies? Would you like to tweak such a system to extract every last gigaflop of performance? 

Verseon is seeking a highly talented and motivated HPC guru who answers yes to the above questions. Verseon is a privately held, well funded, rapidly growing Silicon Valley-based drug discovery company, with a ground-breaking computational platform. 


Your primary responsibility will be to design, implement, and maintain one of the world's largest HPC clusters dedicated to drug discovery. You will be part of a unique cross-functional team of top notch physicists, chemists, engineers, and drug design experts. You must have exceptional intellectual ability and a demonstrated track record of achievement.

The successful candidate will be expected to:
* Design and tune a multi-teraflop system for stability and performance.
* Advise and help team members to make optimal use of the computational capacity of the cluster. 


* Must have at least a bachelor's degree in CS/EE/Physics/Math/Engg
* 3 years or more of experience in designing and implementing high performance computing systems. Must not be afraid of getting their hands dirty.
* In-depth knowledge of Unix or Linux. Must also have strong knowledge of hardware architectures, networking and mass storage systems.
* Strong shell scripting skills are required. Programming experience in Python, Perl, etc a plus.
* Must be self-motivated with excellent communication and professional skills who thrives in a dynamic, team based environment.

Job location: Fremont, CA
Please send resumes to itjobs at verseon.com

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