[SVLUG-Jobs] Linux development engineer

Siva Prasad rsivaprasad at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 13 16:23:54 PDT 2006

  Let me know if this interests you. Company is a long standing company for more than 15 years in San Jose.
  Contract or Permanent, both are welcome. Contract-to-hire preferable.
Design and implement BSP (Board Support Package) and
software for various embedded operating systems
including Linux on x86 CPU platforms. Use your
experience in embedded operating systems and hardware
fundamentals to support development of next generation
embedded platforms.

- BSEE/CS or equivalent
- 2-5 years of experience in developing low-level BSP
on multiple operating systems including Linux 
  - Detailed knowledge of operating system internals,
C/C++ language, as well as various driver models.
- Must be able to work closely with both hardware
designers as well as other driver engineers to design,
develop, and debug functional and performance aspects
of embedded systems.
- Low-level operating system knowledge is a plus.
- Experience with complex system debugging invaluable.

  PS: We are also looking for VxWorks/QNX/WinCE engineers as well.

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