[SVLUG-Jobs] Linux Senior Admin needed

bob.kusche@rs-unix.com bob.kusche at rs-unix.com
Tue Sep 27 09:37:54 PDT 2005

We are rs-unix in San Francisco, CA, a Premier IBM Business Partner,
looking to directly hire a senior Linux admin with as many of these
attributes as possible. We are a leading Linux business partner, especially
with IBM and Novell (SuSE).

Applicants need to be fully enthusiastic and able to effortlessy work with
Linux and also work with our sales people (including me, the Solution
Architect) to solve customer problems with effective and efficient SuSE or
Red Hat and IBM-based solutions. With rare exceptions, all work will be
confined to the Bay Area.

Full company benefits apply to this position as does a competitive salary
based on experience (including a leveraged compensation plan based on
individual contribution).

Here are the attributes we'd like to hear about from you based on your
history in working with Linux, not necessarily in priority order:

1) Certification in SuSE, or demonstrable experience
2) Certification in Red Hat, or demonstrable experience
3) Over six years with Linux experience (any distro)
4) Experience with at least 20 Open Source Linux components, and an
excellent knowledge of existing, often used, components
5) Customer facing skills (pleasant, courteous, helpful and kind)
6) Corporate experience and acceptance that Linux is a means for making
money, not a religious experience to be experienced freely or given pro
7) Experience with at least three major ISV Linux products (Veritas, JBoss,
MySQL, PolyServe, SteelEye, any Novell, Aduva, ...)
8) Experience with IBM Linux-compatible software (Lotus, Rational, DB2,
Tivoli, WebSphere)
9) Networking skills
10) IBM server (hw) knowledge
11) Any server (hw) knowledge
12) Participation in user groups / conferences
13) Formal training history
14) Actual case studies of successful Linux implementations at customer
15) Excellent references

Robert Kusche, eServer Solutions Architect
rs-unix, an IBM Premier Business Partner
Delivering Powerful Solutions!
Main: (415) 397-9501 ext 150, Cell: (415) 516-1788, Fax: (415) 397-9502
robert.kusche at rs-unix.com, www.rs-unix.com

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