[SVLUG-Jobs] [Officers] Web designers and web developers wanted - please forward to all possible candidates

Forward Minds email at forwardminds.com
Sun Jun 6 20:20:53 PDT 2004

Dear SVLUG Officers,

We are a new company in New Hampshire with offices in San Francisco,
actively looking for independent contractors with an interest in becoming
part of a growing team. Team members will be able to work from their own
home or office.  A list of required qualification follows. We require all
candidates provide a rate chart, resume, and samples of work.  We are
looking for both web centric graphic designers and solid web programmers/web
application developers with strong experience in website design, ecommerce
integration, and web based client/server application development.

We have the following positions available:

- Graphic Design and Composition Skills are most important overall.
- Expert-level experience in website design, user interface design REQUIRED.
- Experience in developing web front ends (UI) within the limits of HTML and
- Experience in developing brand awareness, and message dissemination
through design REQUIRED.
- Experience in catalog design, brochure design, and traditional print
- Experience with Illustrator 8+ and Photoshop 7+ or equivalents (Freehand,
Fireworks etc.)
- Experience with HTML 4+, CSS1 CSS2, JavaScript is a plus.
- Experience with Flash 5+ motion design is a plus.

- Expert-level PHP, Perl experience a must.
- Expert-level JavaScript, CSS, XML a must.
- Expert-level in one of either ASP, Coldfusion, or Java
- Advanced Flash 5, MX experience including ActionScript 2.0, Flash UI
Components, Custom UI Object and Data Binding.
- Basic UNIX/Linux systems administration.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Ability to read a spec and implement it.
- Capable of testing and debugging code.
- Ability to maintain their own local Apache, PHP, MySQL environment.
- Able to work remotely with our Engineering team.

- 4+ years of significant industry work experience.
- 4+ years PHP, Perl development REQUIRED
- 4+ years JavaScript programming experience REQUIRED
- 4+ years HTML, CCS and JavaScript development experience REQUIRED
- 4+ years SQL experience, preferably with MySQL including REQUIRED
- 3+ years in EITHER ASP, Java (w/ Swing) or Coldfusion MX experience
- 2+ years with XML, XSLT, RDS, RSS REQUIRED
- Experience with C languages a plus
- Excellent documentation experience required, including self-documentation
principles, inline code documentation and API
- Web GUI development experience using HTML, JavaScript and CSS1-2
- Web GUI development experience using Flash 5 or Flash MX
- Experience with Apache
- Solid database design and implementation experience
- Willingness and ability to learn new technologies and practices
- Must have samples/client list of database driven sites/applications that
demonstrate web engineering best practices such as usability, speed and
- Experience building powerful/quality tools for web backend and front-end.
- Ability to work as part of a team or independently and be able to take on
a variety of projects
- Ability to adapt and change as needed in a fast-paced environment
- Prior experience in a start up environment desirable

- 4 plus years Java
- 3 plus years SQL including MS SQL and Oracle
- Familiar with C++ & C#
- Experience with .Net
- Experience with PHP, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, and XML a plus

All the best,

Ian Young
Forward Minds
877.441.0602 Toll Free - Direct Line
866.855.4932 Toll Free - Sales & Support
801.607.7315 Fax

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