[SVLUG-Jobs] Linux System Administrator/IT

Nathan nathank at netflip.com
Thu Dec 16 12:27:13 PST 2004

MetaReward is a leading developer of tools and technologies that web
publishers and direct marketers use to generate revenue from online
performance based marketing. MetaReward has an exciting position
available for a Linux System Administrator/IT

* Monitor Health and performance of RedHat Linux application and web
* Windows desktop maintenance and support (Windows 2000, XP, Outlook, MS
* Configure and troubleshoot Windows desktops as needed
* Maintain office telephone system
* Provide backup support for Network Security Systems including
Firewalls, Network Intrusion Detection Systems, and Strong
Authentication systems
* Working with business units on new projects, assessing security
ramifications and providing consultation during the project development
phase to enable business requirements as securely as possible
* Tape backups including verifying successful backups are obtained daily
and restore files as required.
* Install and configure new operating systems and upgrades
* Configure and maintain new Linux servers as needed and ensure that
they meet current QA and security specification
* Configure and maintain RAID disk configurations
* Troubleshoot Linux related network problems and issues with IS
services such as DNS, Sendmail, Firewalls, etc.
* Maintain accurate and up to date documentation reflecting the
configuration of each server
* Create and modify shell scripts to perform routine administrative task
and system testing/monitoring
* Work overtime, after hours, and on weekend as necessary to perform
system upgrades and changes
* Write monitoring and automation tools/applications as required
* Rotating shifts of 24×7 on call status

* Two years or greater Operating System Experience with Linux operating
systems and Windows support.
* Strong experience assessing and implementing host-level security for
Unix and Windows
* Experience with:
Windows desktop support
UNIX Security Software
UNIX shell scripting
* Independent problem solving, self direction
* Familiarity with fundamental networking, distributed computing
environment concepts including DNS, basic routing concepts
* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; capable of writing
justifications, training users in complex topics, writing status
reports, documenting procedures, and interacting positively with other
staff and management
* Strong communication skills including the ability to write clear and
easy to understand documents
* Ability to meet deadlines
* Ability to work with diverse groups and communicate security issues
and needs effectively

MetaReward is a subsidiary of Experian, which is a large public
multi-billion dollar international company. The MetaReward division is
located in San Carlos, CA.

Visit http://www.MetaReward.com to learn more about our products,
technology and the company in general.

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